Mystic, Mongolians, and Music

Thursday morning we attended a lecture by Cari Roy, the attractive, blonde New Orleans psychic who gave readings during the big Mardi Gras celebration earlier in the week. She gave a very credible lecture about developing intuition, and distributed a nicely done handout of notes. Because many of her comments sounded so compatible with Unity, after her talk I asked her if she knew of it. She said, “Do you mean at Lee’s Summit, Missouri?”

I acknowledged it and we compared notes. She told me she had seriously considered attending seminary there, but rejected the idea only because it’s too cold for her. She said she’s more comfortable in the climate of New Orleans.

On Friday morning Captain Mercer altered Amsterdam’s course just a bit so we could pass close by Lord Howe Island to starboard and, at almost the same time, Ball Pyramid to port. They’re both out islands of Norfolk Island.

The crew busied themselves preparing and serving Mongolian lunch on the Lido Deck, a very popular event.

That evening was a variety show, and we suffered through another act by a bad comedian in order to see what followed – another presentation by Carl LeBlanc’s New Orleans Band in the main showroom. This time, instead of pure Dixieland they played more of a varied jazz performance, demonstrating their versatility and breadth of talent. The band turned out to be eight pieces instead of six. They made many references to New Orleans, where they live, and Carl (the one with the dreadlocks) introduced one song by referring to a friend of his who lives in the Lower Ninth Ward. “His name,” he said, “is Antoine. But most people call him ‘Fats’.” Then they launched into Blueberry Hill. Introducing another song, he said, “Here’s another one Fats taught me,” and started an up tempo version of My Blue Heaven. They finished their set, of course, with When the Saints Go Marchin’ In, and we felt like dancing all the way to our room.

Lord Howe Island, one of the out-islands of Norfolk Island

Ball Pyramid. This thing just sticks up out of the Pacific 300 miles from nowhere. It’s named for Captain Ball, who must have discovered it in the middle of an otherwise uneventful night.

The other side of Ball Pyramid

Mongolian lunch on the pool deck

You chose your meal ingredients . . .

. . . and the cooks did the rest.

I’m including one photo from the next day – more of a tease, actually. Those of you who live in or have visited Corpus Christi, Texas (where we used to live), may recognize the scene in the same way we did. (Hint: It’s not really Corpus, but it sure did remind us of it.) More about that next time.

This sure does remind us of Corpus Christi, Texas. It’s even called the Harbour Bridge!



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4 responses to “Mystic, Mongolians, and Music

  1. George Flynn

    Your blog reads liked whole world is your neighborhood.

  2. Catherine Sikora

    Cari, the mystic, likes Unity,
    But New Orleans better than Missouri.
    Mongolian for lunch
    Is healthy to munch
    And we dance to a jazz versatility!

    Namasté, Catherine

  3. Karen Welcome

    Oh yeah, I see the clear resemblance. 😮 Are you on your way to.the Barrier Reef ? Have fun!!

  4. Andrew Daehne

    I love reading your updates! They are artfully composed, and you make the travel bug contagious! Speaking of bugs, I saw this today and thought you and Diane might like to know this interesting factoid about Ball Pyramid. Safe sailing!

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